Quantum Surfing

Are you ready to go quantum surfing?  Well you already are; so why not get better at it?

As we go through our day we are surrounded by endless possibilities, but they are not all equally probable.  These possibilities are always changing just like waves in the ocean.  What you observe and perceive is what you get.  Your expectations begin to form your reality.  We simply can’t just watch the universe happen around us.  Quantum physics experiments show that the act of observation is an act of creation, and consciousness is doing the creating.  For this reason, physicist, suggest that we shift from the idea of observer to participator.

We are always participating in creating our universe.  We have a tendency to get stuck on what is not working or give excuses for why something is the way it is.  The more excuses we have behind our current situation the more we are attached to it.  These excuses support our current problems, issues or chronic conditions.  As you believe these stressors to be true, you create a universe that gives you more of these stressors to help you verify that your reality is still true.

As you ride the waves in your life, enjoy the journey.  Even if you wipeout, you can get back up and ride the next wave.  I started surfing a few years ago, and for me the hardest part was paddling out.  As I paddled in the ocean, it seems like I am not even moving; but sooner or later I am in position to catch a wave (the fun part).  After your ride is over, it is back to paddling out to catch the next wave.  Making changes in your life is similar to learning to ride waves.  Your experiences, excuses and your beliefs are the oncoming quantum waves you get to paddle through.  As you are paddling to survive it seems like nothing is changing.  But, as you participate and view things differently in this quantum ocean, the waves change around you so you can stop paddling and catch a ridable wave to start surfing.

As you paddle through the ocean currents in your mind, different thoughts pop up that can keep you stuck in a current situation or point towards the next great wave. What are you expecting to see? Do you ignore the thoughts that point towards a great wave?

The idea here is to shift the probability so it becomes a stronger possibility.  The quantum waves are just probability waves and as you paddle through them and notice what you notice; you get more things to notice.  As this happens you are increasing the probability to shift your reality.  The more you do this the better at it you get.

There are also tools you can use to help you paddle out.  In surfing there is stand up paddleboard surfing, where you are standing and use a paddle to move in the water, which I now prefer.  Quantum surfing has tools too.  Come experience some of these quantum tools with Energy Fitness Club.  Every Thursday night at 7, we have Quantum Surfing: An Energetic Group Session in my office located at 2333 First Avenue, Suite 105.  San Diego, CA 92101.