Essential Oils and Vibration

Essential Oils have been used throughout the ages for healing. Disease occurs when the body’s vibrational frequency drops below certain point. Essential Oils work by raising the body’s vibrational frequency. Behind most physical complaints there is an emotional component. Whether you are working on a physical complaint or not  here at Fend Shui For Your Body we are working on shifting your reality.   Your emotions are tied into your rules and your past experiences support your current rules, which create the current loop you are in. To change your current situations in success, health, relationships or personal growth your rules are going to have to be updated. This requires an open communication between your conscious and subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind does not think, judge or reason it just responds.

At Energy Fitness Club as your rules are updated to your current needs, Essential Oils will be used to reinforce the changes. An Essential Oil will be used at every session that is a vibrational match to you.

In addition to using Essential Oils we also use vibration to check the harmony of your energy. Singing bowls are placed on your body to assess how the vibrations travel within your body.