About Energy Fitness Club

Another Perks of Wellness is ENERGY FITNESS CLUB.  This is a place to exercise your energetic body, also known as your energetic field.  Since everything is energy, your physical body is expressing what your energetic body is experiencing.  Since, energy can not be created or destroyed but only transformed, how do we transform it?  That is where ENERGY FITNESS CLUB comes in.  By exercising your energetic body, like anything else, you make it bigger and stronger.  Which allows you to experience new and different possibilities.

ENERGY FITNESS CLUB offers a weekly class, Quantum Surfing: An Energetic Group Session, on Thursday nights. In these weekly classes we will have a discussion and Q&A session on a energy expanding topic, plus have the opportunity to learn an ENERGY FITNESS CLUB tool to take home and practice.  In addition each attendee will get individual attention with an ENERGY FITNESS CLUB trainer to help you begin to transform your old energy patterns.  Your old energy patterns can include physical complaints, recurring thoughts, feeling stressed, feeling stuck in life (not attracting what you want to experience) and more.    

To view all of the classes for this month check out our Meetup page, Energy Fitness Club, and join.